Thursday, January 30, 2014

Are you looking for a way to PAY IT FORWARD this year and not sure where to begin? Well how about donating to a grass root organization called Rainbow Day of Love that soul mission is to feed the homeless? 

Two years ago, my wife and I  made a big organic turkey for Thanksgiving.  We are pretty much vegetarian and had loads of turkey left over. It was my daughter Skye’s  idea to make sandwiches for the homeless. We went out and bought additional food and drink, enough for 25 lunches,  and placed a $5 inside each bag.  At that time we decided to transmute the energies of Black Friday (day after ThanksGiving from greed and hectic shopping to a  Rainbow Friday full of love. 

This year we once again transmuted the energies to Rainbow Friday full of love, through the loving hearts of people that donated to feeding the homeless.  Through Pay It Forward donations we delivered 200 lunches to the homeless souls in down town Denver. We hit the areas next to the Denver Rescue Mission and Civic Park.  It was a good thing we had food because the Soup Kitchen was closed on that day. 

We had some money left over and through more PAY IT FORWARD DONATIONS decided to deliver lunches on Rainbow Day After Christmas.  So on December 26th beginning at 10:45 am, we once again began  delivering lunches to the homeless in Down Town Denver.

  We delivered 215 lunches complete with hot cocoa, a beanie hat, fleece gloves and thermal socks to the homeless people in Down Town Denver.There were so many homeless people without food it only took 50 minutes to deliver. 
     Through more Pay It Forward Donations we have once again decided to hold another Rainbow Day of Love, this time it will be on February 23, 2014. We will be delivering as many breakfast burritos along with hot cocoa and a snack bag.  

Please I invite you to view the videos that are posted on this site.  Our mission is one of love and compassion. Every dime we collect goes to feeding someone in need. We are looking for donations to buy the groceries, but also looking for help in delivering the lunches, and in sending all the loving light we can get to Rainbow Day of Love. 

Donations can be made to account 
If you would like to help deliver or help in any way my email is
just put Rainbow Day of Love in the subject line. I love you and I am sending you loving light! Thank you and Loving Gratitude! 

You can get more information here