Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rainbow Day Of Love  just received its EIN and is on it's way to becoming a 501c recognized public charity! With this status we will be able to feed and help so many more homeless people!  I am asking again for loving light to be sent to Rainbow Day Of Love! Just close your eyes and think happy happy thoughts and than direct them right into Rainbow Day Of Love's energy field.   Such a happy time to celebrate!

On February 23, 2014 on Sunday we will meet downtown at 1301 E Colfax it is the GLBT Denver Parking Lot to organize areas to deliver, and pass out lunches to all of the volunteers who would like to be a part of Rainbow Day Of Love. Handing a nice lunch to someone in need can really open your heart and raise your vibration up into love.   We will be having professional photographers take pictures through out the day. This my friends is going to be big and I encourage those who can participate to come on down.

We are going to set a tentative date of Saturday February 22 to put together the lunch bags.  I will post the time and place soon. We are trusting  in being able to feed at least 500 people.  Later I will post a "STILL NEED" List.

I would just like to take a moment and send loving gratitude to ALL of the Rainbow Day Friends from the past, present and future events! THANK YOU! I love you all so very much!! Namaste'

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