Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Want to donate? Donations can be made at Paypal.com account grammysmilez@yahoo.com. In the future I will have another account on GOFUNDME. Here are some other ways you can help:
This list shows us what we already have for lunches on Rainbow
Day Of Love and what we need. We are thinking bananas and possibly cutie tangerines as fruit again. Bananas run roughly $1.36 for 8-10, cuties can be bought for roughly $5.99 for 25-30. If you see something on this list and would like to help, I encourage you to pick any of these items up while you are shopping. Fruit items don’t need to be shopped for until the week of. All other non perishable items can be dropped off at 2 locations. Message me for details or send me an email at rainbowdayoflove@gmail.com

If you would like to donate monies at this time donations can be made online at Paypal.com account grammysmilez@yahoo.com

Thank you and loving gratitude Rainbow Friends! Let’s make this happen! And so it is. 

Items still Needed to make our 500 lunch goal are:

$200 for breakfast burritos  to reach our goal of $500  each burrito is $1
102 more granola bars to reach our goal of 500
450 more bags of chips to reach our goal of 500
500 bottles of water to reach our goal of 500
500 boxes or packages of fruit juice to reach our goal of 500
500 mini chocolate bars to reach our goal of 500
500 pieces of fruit, of cuties and bananas to reach our goal of 500
500 wet naps to reach our goal of 500
500 cups w lids for hot cocoa
1 10 gallon/ or 2 5 gallon cambros to deliver hot chocolate with 

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