Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today I'll be working on getting some of the paperwork filed so Rainbow Day of Love will become a recognized 501 c recognized public charity. It's quite a process without having an attorney and accountant, but we are working from our hearts so I know and trust that everything will work out. I ask that you send loving light. The filing fee for state and federal totals to about $950. Also we still could use more monies, food, and always loving light energy donations. If you would like to help. Monies can be donated to account We have a couple of drop off points for food.
We are in need of:
$200 more dollars to make $500 breakfast burritos
granola bars
bottled water
Fruit juice boxes or packets
Fun size or mini candy bars

bananas and cutie tangerines

This is a great Pay It Forward opportunity to help someone in need. $1 buys a loaded breakfast burrito, $2 buys an entire lunch. That's pretty cheap to feed someone. I ask that you open your heart. Buying someone who is hungry a lunch will not only raise that person's vibration out of despair, but will also raise your vibration, and those around you that witness that random act of kindness. Wouldn't you want someone to buy you a lunch if you were hungry and homeless? Also after we get our paperwork filed donations will than become tax deductable.
I love you all so very much! Namaste'

Step into the angel in a human suit that you truly are.

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