Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday, Feb 23rd at 11am is the next Rainbow Day of Love  Asking for everyone to send loving light to this Rainbow Day of Love project once again! Here is the Video from the Rainbow Day after Christmas. Seriously folks if you would like to Pay It Forward this is a great way to do it! $1 buys a stuffed yummy breakfast burrito! Throw another $1 in and and it completes the whole lunch! $10 buys 5 homeless people a yummy meal! All donations go directly to buying the homeless starving people food. Start out this year Paying It Forward. If you would like to donate you can either send it through account or purchase non perishable items for the lunches.
Granola bars
Bottles of Water
Packets or juice boxes
Chocolate Bars
Wet naps
When you do an act of random kindness it not only raises the vibration of the person the kindness is done for, it also raises your vibration and the vibration of those that witness it. This my friends is the way to change the world! You can email me at or message me here or my phone number is 303-549-7396. Please text message me only. I love you all so very much! Asking for loving light to be sent to Rainbow Day of Love! I love you all so very much! Namaste' We are shooting for 500 lunches!

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